I am in the business of wonder.

I am a creative individual currently based in Boulder, CO with a diverse experience and background, and a passion for informal science education as well as for the meaningful bridges between science, art and technology. I approach every project as a collaboration, and I am most excited when I have the opportunity to learn about you, from you, and with you. My goal is to help you continue doing what you do best, while we work hard to do what we love most. If you think I can be of any help to you, my door is always open.

Because of my background as both a scientist and a designer, I specialize in the design and development of exhibitions, exhibits and programs tailored for a broad range of audiences and styles, while keeping—when applicable—the scientific integrity of the project. I help create wondrous experiences that are engaging, illuminating, and entertaining. I also do workshops and I am open for speaking engagements. Let’s wonder together.